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Carbon offsetting, simplified

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    Find projects that match your values and criteria

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    Pick projects to compensate for your environmental impact

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    Communicate your sustainability efforts

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    Follow the impact of your money

Contribute to lowering global carbon emissions

Envar means each, and everyone in Swedish.

At Envar we want to make it easier for each and every company to take action to protect the climate.

We want to help companies fund projects that are already reducing emissions so that we together can create an impact here and now.

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On a journey to sustainability

Changing the climate is not a job for one of us, but all of us.

Envar finds projects that create positive impact on the environment.

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By answering a few questions we will match you with projects that fit you.

Are you looking for a project in a specific region or industry? Or would you prefer us to pick one for you?

We will help you find projects that are right for you.


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Envar sources climate compensation projects from all over the world that are certified by trusted standards and support multiple United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Speach bubble

Communication is a large part of how we hold ourselves accountable to reducing our carbon footprint and help achieve societal behavioral change.

Envar will help you communicate how your company is holding yourself accountable and share the effect of your actions.



Follow the impact of your money and learn more about the process directly from the projects.

We will provide you with updates directly from the field and share the project's progress and potential setbacks as well as the goals moving forward

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