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nobody can do everything
but everyone can do something

Why we exist

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is that if we need to change we can do so very quickly. But when it comes to the climate, we're not changing fast enough.

We need to half the world emissions by 2030. That is in 9 years. Which means that we need to reduce our global emission by 7.6% every year.
A really tough challenge.

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Our mission

Envar means each, everyone in Swedish and at Envar we want to make it easier for each and every company to take action to protect the cliamte. We want to help companies fund projects that are already reducing emissions so that we together can create an impact here and now.

And by leveraging technology we want to enable companies to share knowledge on how they have lowered their footprint and simplify the process for others to take action.

How we work

All our projects are validated by a 3rd party and have been through a thorough process to be eligable to sell carbon credits.

woman poring water from a bucket into a well.
Johanna and Tomas sitting on a couch smiling.

Who we are

Envar was founded in Stockholm in November of 2020 by Johanna Kvissberg and Tomas Sigurdarson.

With a diverse background but equal drive to make a difference we are eager to welcome you to start your journey to climate action.

Want to get in touch?
Email us at: hello@envar.se