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Our project selection process:

This is how we select the projects we offer:

Validated by third party

All our projects are verified by a 3rd party. Their job is to make sure all projects have the highest level of environmental integrity and contribute towards sustainable development as well as deliver a credible and transparent assessment of project performance. We are working with projects verified by:

  • Gold Standard
  • Verified Carbon Standard
  • Plan vivo

Read more about the standards and how they validate their projects:
Gold Standard
Verified Carbon Standard
Plan Vivo

Community impact

Our projects support multiple UN sustainable development goals. Increasing social wellbeing for the communities involved with the projects are one key aspect that we look at.

Broad range

We source projects all around the world and want to offer a mix of projects from different industries. Some of the categories we look for projects are within forestry, agriculture, innovative technology, Ocean, energy efficiency and Biomass.

Able to provide updates

Since we believe transparency is the most important thing. One of our requirements is that the projects are able to send ongoing updates, sharing progress, risks and goals moving forward.


All credits being sold have a vintage of no later than 2017.